Saturday, January 13

Well, I've not been able to post al all since christmas since I have now gotten a new job.

I teach 5th grade. I take over the class by myself on friday. I'm a bit nervous. Not as much as i was, though.

The kids are great- well behaved with involved parents. . . for the most part.

I've missed being able to see all the new things going on in the blogging world... but not much has been going on. Posey (ever dependant) has had some good posts recently... not that I've been able to read them.

I guess it's partly the settling that goes on after Christmas, or maybe the aftermath of a hectic, unsettled, difficult year, but I've been feeling a bit blue. Uncertain about the changes I've decided to make (what if I'm a horrible teacher and all the parents tell my principal how bad they think I am?? I've trained my replacement at NSN... I can't go back... will I EVER get an opportunity to tells tories again?) I am looking forward to the coming year as a time for change.

I've made it a habit to simply accept whatever comes my way- my search for balance in the last year seems to have left me less balanced for having allowed things to happen to me, without asserting enough influence. I guess you have to risk a bit of imbalance to get what you want.

So in the coming year I am looking forward to doing a couple things...
1. Working on a book that I started a long while ago.
2. Training for the Music City Marathon (Stop laughing, I will be running- or walking briskly- in the half marathon) on April 21st.
3. Taking my praxis exams so I can get out of taking anymore classes and get a full time job so I can be a real boy... erm... teacher.

There are a few other things that I would like to accomplish in the coming year, but we will see if any of them actually come to pass. I'm starting with lower expectations and we'll see where it gets me.

Oh- yeah! I am also trying to finish a baby blanket for my new niece! Coming in May!


Brandee said...

I admire you for taking a big leap and changing your careers. That is something I never did even when I could hardly stand my job. It takes a lot of guts to do so and only good things could come of it. Having new experiences can only make your resume stronger and your value to employers increase. And who says you have to completely stop telling stories??? You are a teacher and I'm sure you can find some way to use stories for the reading portions of class to make it more interesting. It may not be exactly the same but you can look at as an expansion of what you did before. I admire you for taking the risk of change. I know you will be a fabulous teacher.

Laura and John said...

I don't think you should let your job interefere so much with your other priorities... i.e. blogging.