Friday, June 10

Book feedback

I have been working, when possible on a women's devotional book to help me focus myself as a storyteller as well as get more work. I have some chapter ideas and have finished two whole chapters (minus editing etc.) but i was hoping that there might be some of you who read this that might have questions or comments that might help me focus or clarify some things that I am working on. Look it over and let me know what you think.

Women of the Word


Chara Watson

Chapter One

The “S” Word

Eve was created different from Adam, as are all women created differently from all men. God’s intention was for us to be the helper, the more delicate one, the one who must submit to the leadership of men.

Chapter Two

A Woman of Service

Martha’s service was meant to allow her sister to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus- as our service is to relieve others to seek a relationship with Christ. But we can’t lose sight of our own relationship.

Chapter Three

Prayerful Woman

Hannah wanted a child and so she prayed faithfully until she was given a child. Prayer is like a conversation with a friend.

Chapter Four

The Faith of a Harlot

Rahab was despised as a woman and had never even met an Israelite, and yet she recognized and trusted the power and promises of God.

Chapter Five

Gossip/ Whispers

Mary gave birth to Jesus but there were whispers that he wasn’t Joseph’s son, or that he came too early. Mary wasn’t guilty of what people said she had done, but she was guilty like all of us, and the whispers kept the people in Jesus’ home town from believing.

Chapter Six


Esther was made a Queen because of her great beauty, or so the people thought. Really, God made Esther beautiful so that she could be His servant. Beauty is another gift that God grants some of us, and it should be seen as an opportunity, not an obligation.

Chapter Seven

Confession and Forgiveness

One day when Jesus was in the Temple a woman was brought to him. Unlike others who were brought to him she wasn’t brought to be healed, but to be condemned for her sins. She was humiliated by the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, but she was forgiven by Jesus. John 8: 2-11

Chapter Eight


Ruth and Naomi were dependent on one another when they returned to Canaan, but Ruth made herself dependent on Naomi to find a husband. The result was far different from anything Ruth or Naomi could ever have guessed.

Chapter Nine

Conflict Resolution

Abigail saw anger and conflict and offered peace by challenging the man after God’s own heart to continue to seek God.

Chapter Ten

Sex Appeal

Bathsheba was just as responsible for her part in David’s lust as David was. Sex can complicate things and keep us from being focused on God’s plan for us.

Chapter Eleven

What’s a Woman?

The Wife of Noble Character as described in Proverbs 31 isn’t at all like the woman that the world shows us to how to be. When you look at the kind of woman that is emphasized you see an emphasis on character and industry instead of beauty and independence.


Laura and John said...


I like the chapter ideas alot, one suggestion... don't say that God grants "some of us" beauty. We all have beauty in different ways.

stefanie said...

write on! ;) i'm eager to see what you have to say about bathsheba and ruth and naomi... curious, why submission first? are you tackling that as "submit to one another" or "wives subit..."? yes? ok.