Tuesday, August 29

Personal Myths

I've been reading a lot of Keri Smith's website lately (see the link to the right side of the page- Keri Smith- Creativity Goddess) and I found this page today. Please read it because sometimes, when I get excited about things, I don't explain them well.

Basically Keri Smith is asking you all to re-story (a term I used in my Narritive Therapy course in Grad School) the things that you have been telling yourself all your life. I thought it might be and interesting activity (particularly since, lately, my husband and I have been discussing some stories I have been telling myself for a long time) for me to try.

However, before i do- I would like to ask you all (of the anonymous multitude who read this blog) to think about posting some of your own in the comments after you read this. No- I do not want to be the only fool discussing my self-doubts.

My list:
-hates talking on the phone to people
-doesn't follow through on new projects

My new List:
-hates talking on the phone to people- I dislike mechanized communication because it is impersonal and it is too easy to be distracted when not looking someone in the eye.
-doesn't follow through on new projects- I have so many interests that I tend to be distracted after a short while.
-antisocial- I prefer to have a few close friends, rather than being a part of a large, racous crowd.
-impatient- is primed for good suspense stories. This is why I really like suspenseful movies, and adds to my appreciation of good storytelling in many arts
-procrastinates- is very thorough and careful particularly when embarking on new projects. Is very forward-thinking.
-settles too easily/unambitious- My ambitions lie in areas that most people would not consider worthy of a large amount of focus.

Okay- so some of this may just be a good way for me to justify my bad habits, but I think that it's interesting to try and look at yourself from a more forgiving, and just a generally different point of view.

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