Tuesday, June 6

Crafty Chara

These are the button flowers I made last night- I know the pictures are awful! They are really neat and I am enjoying them. Josh seems to kind of like them, too- as much as boys really notice that sort of thing.

Also, I made the button on thejacket... It only took me about 15 minutes and I think it adds something. It's only felt and a button. Josh said it made me look Teachery, but that really wasn't what i was going for. I got inspired when I saw this:

I might keep playing with it while I still have a bunch of felt and buttons around.

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Olivia said...

I love these! They're very Mary Engelbreit-y, & since I adore her work .... yeah, I might have to try this. I like to use buttons in my scrapbooking too, so I'm really going to have to start buying them up! :o)