Thursday, June 8

More about Water:

This is an excerpt from a letter about
why you should drink more water:

I always drank some water but
couldn't break my addiction to
2-3 Diet Cokes a day. As a
hundred pound weight loser, I
drank a Diet Coke whenever I
wanted excess food. When I
lost my voice last summer, I
was diagnosed with gastric
reflux disorder, impinging on my vocal cords. As
I sing professionally, this was a major crisis.
I was given a list of foods to avoid -- citrus,
tomato, spicy foods, caffeine -- but first on the
list was carbonated beverages, especially colas,
diet or otherwise, caffeiniated or caffeine free.
For those of you who are not professional singers,
you should know that the acid in colas can cause
problems in your esophagus which can lead to a
precancerous condition. My doctor (ENT) said that
Diet Coke was terrible to drink but pretty useful
to clean your car battery. That should tell us

Just think! There are so many people with Acid reflux
out there. What if it's largely being caused by our inability
to give up these drinks that are really really bad for us??

I promise I'm just about off this soapbox for now!

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