Friday, June 9

Feminine Mystique

Water... Water... Water... blah Blah BLAH!

Okay that is out of my system (literally! I'm running to the bathroom once an hour!)

On a totally different note I was thinking about boobs this morning (sorry guys- this one's for the girls). We all have them- some more than others... and some less. I still remember how excited I was when iwas buying my senior prom dress and needed a strapless bra, and realized that I needed a B cup! Gentlemen- if you are still reading- imagine that men's underwear came in sizes that reflected more then the size of your posterior... now you get it. Hmmm- maybe that was too personal. Oh well.

So, I have this friend, Betty, who had breast cancer and had to have one of her breasts removed. She has a very long, frustrating story about her prosthesis and how Fed-ex lost it. She had to be fitted for it a second time (not something she particularly enjoyed once). She has a sense of humor about the whole thing- which I guess is necessary. So I found this article on Knitty about a woman who took matters into her own hands- so to speak. I suggest you read it.


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