Saturday, May 13

Monkey Business

So- Nothing has gotten done lately because I am taking a class. YES! I have started taking classes to get my teacher's lisence. I am currently working onthe last hour of work for a class I took as an undergrad, that did not have the practicum time it needed to have. Also, this is a short course, so i am scrambling to get it all together. I am a little nervous because my family has been passing around a virus and last night after dinner my Dad started displaying some pretty obvious symptoms (as we could all hear from the living room). If I get sick, I will have to drop the class.

So I'm not getting sick. I'm not.

Right now I am cutting out Monkey heads for a learning center to go with the book "Caps for Sale." I personally never really understood the draw of this story. However, it is easy to tell and there are TONS of activities to go with it.

FYI- I just got back from teaching my first class- piece of cake! The kids are wild, but they can really be good if you give them the opportunity! Interesting sub in the classroom today. I hated to leave- I was afraid they would give her a stroke!

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