Monday, May 1

Hall of Flames!

"I know Everything! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!"
The "Oh-so-Wise" Mr. Freaky Fingernails

"Now how do you think that looks?"
"Responsible" Me

These are only two- I could have added the others if I could have gotten halfway decent photos of the page. I really need to buy a scanner!


Laura and John said...

these are great... of coures, I want to know who mr. freaky fingernails is.

Chara said...

Sorry- No way Jose!
There is little possibility of this individual ever actually seeing this post, but I for your own go, I think it is best if I do not divulge the identity of this creativity squasher! What if you met this person someday and then had to try and NOT look at the freaky fingernails, or worse yet, NOT run screaming in an effort to save your creativity!