Sunday, April 30

Craft Alert!

Hee hee! I like to say that, even though I am not all that crafty!

About a week (maybe two!) ago I bought this great placemat and napkin adn I want to make a purse out of it. I've been saying this for a while now. So please bug me if I don't have pictures of the final project by thursday!! I will post pictures of mat and nappy when my husband gets off my computer- I can't complain because he's loggin his time for work-

In the mean time please check out this website. I have decided to share a somewhat disturbing experience- whichI am sure not all of youw ill find disturbing, but I do. Last weekend my sister's and I were going to have a slumber party (which consequently ended around 10:30 or 11:00, so I ended up going home to my husband- when did we get so old?) so the four of us, plus the little queen, went out to dinner at a fairly nice restaurant in Cool Springs. The waitress (who never used dowward inflections in her voice) told us about the special, which was this fish that was apparently happily swimming in the waters of Hawaii only about 20 hours before. They flew it overnight to Nashville for a tasty $24. I was a bit apalled. What a serious waste of jet fuel! What if no one was in the mood for fish? Why couldn't they kill fish that lived in Nashville?

I know- I KNOW!- this story is seriously anticlimactic, but I can't seem to stop thinking about the stupid fish swimming in Hawaii and it's unexpected trip. I'VE never been to Hawaii, why should my fish? I am seriously thinking about checking out some of the places ont he aforementioned website, so I can stop buying veggies from Florida and Christmas trees (I"m embarassed to say this since we lived within an hours drive of a million Christmas tree farms last year!) from Oregon.


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michele MD said...

Stanleys in JC has become my new favorite place to shop, and I can't wait for the farmers' market. I hope you're doing well in Nashville!