Friday, April 28

No time like the present

Chapter One:

Feeling a sense of safety in your creativity: Well, I have to say that I have felt very supported in my creative endeavors, for the most part. When I did this chapter the first time (I've never made it past Chapter four) I could identify a couple people who made me feel stupid for even attempting to be creative. Those people are no longer in my life, and no one has really replaced those people. Basically I don't feel inhibited by anything but myself. I am so used to holding back my inner brat
that i never let her out to play. I have to disciplene myself to do everything- why not set aside a time when i let her out? Cause it's hard to be disciplened when it's that part of myself. It's all just too adult.
So I am making my "Monsters Hall of Fame" to share with you all- no names will be shared of course- and it will probably include part of me. I'll post it when i get done.

Anybody out there want to share the description of a person you know who sucked hte creativity out of you?


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