Friday, April 28

New Habits

So, many posts ago I mentioned my displeasure over the fact that I had not been writing as much in the last few years. I vowed to do better, but we all know how that goes... Then today I was perusing Loobylu- a great craft blog that I am enjoying of late- and I found an old picture that she had done:

Check out what's in her hand!!!!! That is the Artist's Way- a book I have owned for many years and have never read- an anomaly in my Library- and the reason is because it is a book on creativity and how to induce the creative process. I am suddenly geting a crazy gleam in my eye!!!!

I am not delusional! I know I won't follw the book unless I am kept accountable, so i am going to make a daily post on the chapter I am on- or at least some small mention of it. Which shoud cure some of you who have been whining that I don't post enough! Soon you will be ill of my creativity! (insert evil laugh!)



heidi said...

great idea about getting the book out, i have been wanting to read it myself after seeing claries post! thanks again for the comment!

Laura and John said...

holy moly.

I take the weekend off and you suddenly start posting. good for you.