Sunday, April 9

How things change

Well, I got back this afternoon from Long Island, New York- I think I should mention here that Long Island is actually huge- not one big city for those other Southerners whov've no idea how New York works in a variety of ways.

I had a ladies day on Saturday and it went rather well. My flight back was truly awful- lots of wind and bumpiness, a boy spilled ginger ale on my leg, and there was that persistent urge to vomit- but I am home now- back in the South where we sweeten our tea. Saturday went well. They video taped me- something I am not necessarily looking forward to receiving as I have a hard enough time listening to myself, much less looking at myself.

I didn't post much last week- It was a stressful time to say the least. I went to J'boro last Monday night and came back tuesday afternoon, so there wasn't a lot of sleep to be had.

Then there was the other thing.

Karen Dietz (my boss) has resigned as executive director of NSN and there have been other staff changes and issues. What is sad is that Karen has really pushed to make sure some truly good changes and she just didn't last very long as ED. The job is intensely stressful (as evidenced by her hair starting to fall out). It worries me about my own job as well.

Ah well, things are always changing.

On the up side- Easter is next week and I heard a rumor that my sweet friend Stefanie might be coming for a visit. I might have to clean the house, but it will be worth it! ;)


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