Tuesday, February 14

I've got a secret....

Can you guess what it is???

And NO I'm not pregnant!!!

Actually, Josh and I are moving to Nashville. I finally talked to Karen about it, but now I'm trying to straighten out the job situation. I currently have the option of continuing to work at NSN (Telecommuting in my bunny slippers) or I can work at NHC Place with Tara. Both have really excellent benefits in different areas, so please keep this in your prayers as I have no idea what to do.


Laura and John said...

hooray! I'm so excited!!!

stefanie said...

=D yay. i know you'll get everything worked out... maybe once i get my van fixed i'll come see you.

Audrey Lynn said...

Chara Beth,

Thanks for leaving the comment. I love when people leave me comments. That perfect baby is Brian and Mandy's little boy, James. He's super precious. There are some really cute ones of Luke and Kate's kids as well.
I can't believe your moving! I never came to visit in Johnson City. I'm SUCH a bad cousin! On the other hand, Nashville is MUCH easier to get to.
Love you.

Millie said...

Yeah for you and Josh! Does this mean Josh got a job?Millie