Monday, January 2


After spending ten (Josh was driving rather briskly) hours in a car yesterday, I was rather restless last night. We were coming home from Louisiana and visitng Josh's parents (they are living in their RV in Slidell LA, and spending a lot of time moving trees, mucking houses out, and doing laundry for people) after having spent several days with my parents (FULL HOUSE!). Basically I had spent too long just sitting there and I was wanting to play with my new Christmas toys. I got a bread machine for Christmas. Yipee! (or as Haydn says now: Hooray!)

SO we got home and I realized that I had no kitchen space to set up this wonderful gadet. Disappointed, I went to the bedroom, got launndry together and started hanging up clothes. I was still feeling restless so I cleaned out my closet. There are many articles of clothing which I haven't been utilizing over the past year, so I made a pile of them to give to goodwill.

My closet being clean and organized, I decided to go get my new toy out of the box- at least. I realized that if I just rearranged some of the things on my tiny counter, I could give the bread machine a permanent home. So I moved things and found a box of potato flakes that didn't fit int he counter. It hit me that i could use my new containers to hold the potato flakes so they wouldn't have to sit on the counter anymore- so I got out my other new toys- my plastic containers for my kitchen!

An hour later I had gone through all my kitchen cabinets, filled all but one of my wonderful containers, cleaned off the countertops (even under the microwave) and thrown out a bunch of useless things that have been sitting around for a while.

We got home at about 10:15 and I didn't go to bed until 12:30. Tonight- we bake bread!


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stefanie said...

mmmm... bread.