Tuesday, January 3


My New Year's Resolution is to live my life with Balance.
I am not just referring to my unfortunate habit of falling on my behind- I am also referring to the priorities I set, how I spend my time, the way I eat, think, spend money and view others.

Areas of my life to balance:

1. My physical life. I spend so much time sitting on my behind at work that I would like to balance that with at least a good hour of physical activity every day. This could include actually going and running, but also moving around when I do the laundry, clean the house, and chase Josh. Also I think it referrs to my eating habits. I try to ignroe the tasty things (like chocolate covered cherries...mmm) and eat things that are good for me- instead I will attempt to balance the tasty with the healthy!

2. Commitments to free time. I have a tendancy to accept any responsibility that people want to throw my direction- I hate saying no. Instead I will accept those thing that I can, while also leaving plenty of time to do what I want to do (like read a book, or hole up in bed on saturday morning).

3. Art and Responsiblity. Sadly, for me these are the same thing. In response I have started viewing my artistic life as work- chores. Instead I will have more balanced view of the things I most liket o do- art as art and chores as chores.

That's all I can think of right now. I am trying to post the pictures of my bread machine and my first attempt at a loaf (much better than any loaf I've made without the machine) but the computer isn't cooperating. We'll see.


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