Friday, November 4


It is the day before my performance. I started feeling sick yesterday- just a tickle in my throat. Today I feel nauseous and there is a brush fire in my throat.

Plus I am nervous.
I have been working on all this for quite a while, but I still feel like the end is weak and I'm not sure I'll do a good job.



Laura and John said...

Now you have to quit worrying - we know that does bad things to your voice...

Also, I'm sure you're going to do a good job. You've been preparing for this forever and you have a lot of good things to say. Besides, the spirit in you will do most the work.

Chara said...

I know I need to quit worrying. I'm just tired and my throat hurts...

I think everything is set, but if I really screw this up it could really be problematic in the long run.
On the other hand, the brochures loook nice.

Laura and John said...

Brochures? can you scan one for us?