Friday, October 14

The weekend from Jonesborough!

Well, the weekend went well. I am especially excited to announce that National Story Night took in three hundred some odd dollars as it's profit this year. This is actually very good considering the state of things. Long story...
Josh and I are thinking about Camping tonight, but we will see how that goes. It's been cool here. I am glad.
We went up to Roan Mountain on Monday and took some awesome pictures- I will have to post them sometime this weekend when I can get to the library. I really need to figure out how to post pictures from work.

Speaking of Work. Have I told everyone how much I love my job? It's been quiet here this week, and that's good. Last weekend went well but no one likes a seven day work week.

My Niece is turning 2 this weekend!!!!
Happy Birthday Haydn!!

Unbfortunetly I will be missing the small party in her honor. However I will be bringing her a present (hmmm... what do you get a 2 year old who most likes to play with naked baby dolls?) when I see her next.


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