Wednesday, October 5

hee hee

Just as I posted the last post my sister made a comment... So you're bored, huh? Not me.
I tie dyed some tee-shirts the other day and mine came out great.
Laura, have you ever thought about using dyes as a medium for art? It can be lots of fun- plus you could make all of john's socks any color you wanted!!!



stefanie said...

and then she could take pictures of john in his tie die socks... that could become the next "big thing" pictures of people's feet in tie die. wow. i just woke up and that struck me as too funny.

Laura and John said...

John had a whole bunch of socks with holes in them earlier this year. I wasn't working then, so i decided to mend them. I did... with fuscia thread. I found that pretty funny. John didn't notice until i pointed it out.

Laura and John said...

Also, there is an art form sort of like tie die, but more refined. It's called batik.

Laura and John said...

so how'd the weekend go?