Monday, July 11

Responses and requests

A couple of posts ago i laid out my general chapter ideas for my book (my stunted baby). A couple of you gave me a little feedback and a thing or two to think about.
Thanks, As i have not actually written that chapter, yet, I hadn't really thought about the specific way i had worded it.

Submission is commanded of everyone in the bible according to their place. I am not trying to write this book toward married women, though, so I thought submission to men in general (ie: what does submission mean as human beings first and as women second) would be a more relevant way of presenting the idea. I thinkt hat you will enjoy the activities and the way I start out that chapter.

I have to say that I have been so busy of late that i haven't been as active working on the book as I would like to be, or should be. My goal was to have a complete first draft by my birthday, and I maintain that I could do so- if I weren't working and had the ability to structure my days the way i desired.

In relationship to that: please pray about our jobs and financial situation. Looking has become rather tedious and discouraging. Waiting requires patience, which I have always been a little short on. I keep repeating Bible verses to myself. "Give us this day our DAILY bread." and "There is a season..." among others.

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