Tuesday, July 19

Home again, Home again...

I just got back from the NSN conference in Oklahoma City and I have to say that I enjoyed myself quite a bit. There were some really interesting sessions and Elizabeth Ellis' Keynote speech was (while apparently controversal) very honest and true.
Also I got to spend time with my Granny- she is quite funny and she even put up with my talking my head off. :)
I only wish that I had the forethought to have taken a picture of my "economy" vehicle- a Dodge Ram truck with an extended cab... truly huge. It was an adventure getting it into the parking garages in downtown OKC.

Also I read the Harry Potter book- AUDREY!! Call me!!! We gotta Talk!

Anyway- not too interesting.
There is a job lead- a good job lead so everyone keep that in your prayers, or send us money- either one! ;)



stefanie said...

i'll have to go with the prayer option - sorry i'm broke! =) i hope things work out...
no harry potter spoilers - i'm starting it tonight!!

michele MD said...

Sounds like you've had an interesting summer. Look foward to seeing you Sunday and thanks for taking care of my little green children! :o)