Tuesday, December 7

A good night

I just got home from a WONDERFUL night of storytelling. This was my 2nd paying show. The first was last saturday and I wouldn't say they were rude or unkind, but i had a really hard time making a connection with them. Tonight, however, was really awesome. I told at a church in Kingsport TN and th people were warm and welcoming from the moment I came in. When I was telling to them their eyes and faces responded with reckognition and enjoyment.
THis is why I became a storyteller. Not becasue I heard some woman tell Godfather Death when I was in Middle School- because I can communicate things with people when I am telling stories that I can't communicate in other ways. I can connect with people and share the things I value and the things I share in common with them.
I've always been kind of shy and uncertain when I am talking to people I don't know, but when I am telling stories to people who want to hear them, there is a part of me that comes out that doesn't normally.
That's the real reason why I am a storyteller.


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Laura and John said...

That's so exciting1 It's so great when you feel like your in the right place, doing the right thing and everything feels connected. Congrats on a great show!