Thursday, October 7

Story hangover

This weekend was quite a good time- but I'm glad it's over. There were so many good tellers and I had a good time, but it has taken me until wednesday to get over all the excitement.
In fact my parents came to visit me yesterday- juggling school and work and parents has been interesting, but I am looking forward to having some quiet time tomorrow after work.

I am hoping that I can get some ideas up here about another story I am working on- I have some ideas, but I am not sure how to string them together without ruining the natural order of the story- it is a little harder than I thought to adapt folktales.
I am looking to adapt "Godfather Death" a german foltale. If you are interested in reading it here's the link to a good version.

The character of Death has been portrayed in many many ways, but I was hoping to attach the face of someone that I already know- Namely Mr. Bill.
If you never met Mr. Bill and you have never heard about him from Laura or Josh or me, let me give you a little overview:
Mr. Bill was the handyman for our landlord in Henderson several years ago. He spent a large amount of time around our place replacing floors and carpet and ceilings (the place was a dump) and he was always a little drunk. Also he only had one eye and he was driven around in a hearse that he got free from a "business acquaintance." He was driven- instead of he drove- in a hearse because he had his lisence taken away for repeated drunk driving offenses.

The way I figure it, Mr. Bill makes the perfect character for Death. The one eye is symbolic of his singular way of seeing things- objective and fair. And if your job were to kill people all day, wouldn't you drink? Plus he drives a hearse- it sounds unbelieveable, but true.
Also I have a little idea that he chose to use his spare time as a semi-carpenter because he fancies himself a little like Jesus- God-like in a lesser way.
I would really appreciate any observations on this- particularly if you have met the infamous Mr. Bill. (I am thinking there might be a "death and taxes" joke in is name)



Laura and John said...

wow, you're right! Mr. Bill does make a great Death. I hadn't thought about it, I guess. I just know he always seemed like he could be a likable guy, but I never really wanted to find out. The only question I have would be: How does death get a girlfriend half his age to drive him around town?

Chara said...

Half his age? I don't think so! He had to be way older than that- he is death afterall. He's been around a while.
I don't know about how he does that... maybe they feel sorry for him? There is a folktale called Death and the red headed woman where death and a red headed woman marry- she must hav seen some husband material in him... Maybe I will look into that.

THe really tricky part is making it a personal story, and keeeping it a folktale... now there'sone to ponder-
Also, could you ask John if he ever sees Mr. Bill's Hearse around town anymore?