Friday, October 1

Day One Down

There is something about being at the storytelling festival that makes me feel like I have come home. All of the summer students from the Storytelling program are here and I spent quite a while with them. Also I heard some REALLY great storytellers- like Nancy Donoval and Susan O'Halloran-fabulous women who have a strong hold on the art form.
Also there will be a spot on tonight's evening news about the storytelling program- WCYB in Johnson City- I think. They sat in on one of our classes and then interviewed my research partner- a boy who is like a giant, lovable, demented Huckleberry Finn type person.
The downside was that it was hot and overcrowded and that doesn't make for a really good storytelling situation.
I will take it however I can get it, though.
I must go rest now- I am scheduled to tell at the swapping grounds tomorrow and I haven't decided what to tell.


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