Wednesday, September 29

The Festival

The storytelling Festival in Jonesborough is this weekend. I went to Jonesborough to see Donald Davis today and his show was sold out. There are already tons of signs and tents and stuff going up to get the town ready for the mass invasion.
I am looking forward to having the weekend to spend with some of my storytelling friedns from the summer who I never see- especially Julia Watts a Kindergarten teacher from IN. The summers here seem to be a lot more encouraging artistically than the school years.
We were discussing the storytelling movement and the second generation of storytellers in my Historical and Psychological Aspect of Storytelling class last night. Dr. Sobol pointed out that there were a lot of people from the beginning who put a lot fo sweat and blood into getting the storytelling movement... moving. There is a second group, however that seems to tell the stories and be a part ofthings that hasn't nessasarily put the depth and the sweat into the stories- basically they are riding on the coatails of the storytelli ng movement's pioneers. So I asked what it was that we needed to do to keep from simply riding someone's coatails- how do we maintain artistic integrity- particularly in an artistic world where there is little criticism given- ever. No one is really ever rated in the sense that movies, or authors, or painters might be reviewed, rated or criticized.
Anybody got any comments for that one?


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