Tuesday, September 21

a dream

Last night I figured out what to do with my logo. I dreamed that I had a rock, a pale river stone that was lying in the green grass. Written on the stone in silver was the word JOY. I think it was the gift talked about in revelation 2:17 that says that to those who overcome would be given a white stone with a new name on it that only they would know.

Did you know that Joy means the pleasure derived from receiving or the anticipation of receiving good things?



Anonymous said...

Joy is an immensely fitting name for you.

Salida Stage Right

Laura and John said...

what logo?

what a beautiful dream. I have also always been fascinated by the new name that we are to receive. Other interesting things about names in the Revelation: the faithful will have his name written on their foreheads, and Christ's name was inscribed on his thigh and his robe. It seems that having the name written down is important, as well as having it written on the body.