Friday, November 30


I've been mostly absent this semester partly because our lives are still measured in semesters.  Josh is in the early stages of becoming Dr. Watson, I'm teaching two classes, the kids are in school when I am... it makes everything a bit crazy.  But it also gives me something to look forward to.

When I was a kid snow days and vacation were always so enticing.  No matter how far away they were, they became the goal: Make it to Christmas.  And it's no wonder, because Christmas lasted weeks.

Now, I'm counting down the days to my last class, the final exam, and the days I can spend out and about while the kiddoes are still in Sonshine School.  Oh yes, I am.

In the mean time I thought it might be good to fill in a few blank spots on this sad little blog (still clunking along after 7 years and 500 posts) which specifically means pictures.  Yes, pictures.  I don't take pictures as often as I used to, and while I am not a professional, semi-professional, or even very good photographer, it helps to have some visuals to go with my naval-gazing.

So here's the schedule:

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