Monday, October 1

33 and 500 and other numbers

I had the most amazing week last week.

Wednesday was my 33rd birthday.  That's actually really hard to believe.  I remember when my Mom was 32 and forgot how old she was.  I thought that was crazy- who forgets their age?

Well, apparently, I do.  I had been telling people I was 33 for a few months and then I started to think about my birthday and it didn't sound right.  Was I really turning 34?  No.  No I was not.  Oh well.  Math is not my strong suit.

On Friday Tara came to OKC with her friend Sally.  I was all excited for hours, and they weren't leaving until the afternoon.  So I was killing some time during nap time and I get this weird email.  I had been registered for the OKC Memorial Marathon.  That couldn't be right.  Then a minute later I get a receipt.  That's not cool!  I'm thinking someone stole my debit card number and signed me up for a marathon... and then I see Tara's name on it.  So I called her.

Happy Birthday!  She says, I signed us up for the OKC memorial half marathon!  It's in April, so you've got plenty of time.  

I had a schedule, people.  I had a schedule that meant that next year I would run a 10k (that's only 6 miles for those of you who are bad at math, like me) and the year after I would try a half marathon.  Part of me is totally freaking out.  I can't do that!  It's 13 miles!  I'll die!

And then a do some math (and double check it, obviously) and notice that it's about 230 days until the half marathon.  That's almost a year.  Right? (this is not the time to correct my math skills, people)

So we had our birthday party on Friday night and my oldest sister came to spend the night at my parent's house with her four daughters and her husband.  It was pretty wild.  I had asked for carrot cake, because nothing is better than carrot cake.  Fortunately for me, Sally loves carrot cake, too.  And then, oddly, Jonah ate it.  You could even see the carrots, and my son, who mostly eats meat and cheese, ate carrot cake.  It was pretty stinking good.  I have a piece left in the fridge that I'm hoarding until after I go running tonight.

Oh yeah, we'll get to more running in a minute.

Saturday morning I was speaking at a Ladies' Day.  It went really well.  As soon as they post the audio on their website, I'll post a link.
My topic was "Practicing Your Faith" which seemed so wide open when I started planning for it.  Pretty quickly it narrowed down to 6 points that detailed exactly what that was probably going to look like.  I was nervous that 6 points would be way too many, but it was 45 minutes of talking and it was just enough.  In the past, I've been very nervous to speak in front of a crowd, and I tend to have little tics that emerge- like repeating the same idea over and over.  I didn't do that this time.  In fact, I felt way better prepared and far calmer than I have in times past.

We had dinner with Sally and Tara on Saturday night.  My Mom wasn't feeling well, my Dad had gone out of town and Christa and Dewayne had to go home since Dewayne had to preach.  The kids were pretty riled up, but it was a nice evening.

Sunday afternoon I ran my 2nd timed 5K.  I was aiming for a 38 minute finish time, and missed it by 29 seconds, but I am pretty happy with how it all turned out.  I usually run on the treadmill since our "neighborhood" isn't conducive to running and not getting hit by a car, and the course was pretty hilly, which I didn't expect.  Overall I think I did pretty good, considering.

For my birthday I will be posting my 500th blog post (that's crazy) and I will be buying myself a Garmin.

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