Friday, June 8

Mommy Resources

Mommy Rule #7: Have good resources and stay one step ahead of your children.

I'm coming right out with this one.

Resources you should always have on hand:
    A good babysitter
    A snack
    A book or small toy they haven't seen in a while
    A plastic bag (preferably a quart sized ziplock freezer bag)
    A sense of humor
    A change of clothing, for both of you
    Hugs and kisses
    A small reserve of patience beyond your normal supply(for emergencies)
    A song to sing together
    A lullabye
    Two more diapers than you think you will need
    A sense of humor
    A small package of M & M's
    Your favorite tea
    The book you are trying to read (who knows when you might find yourself with a spare minute?)
    Hand sanitizer
    A toothbrush and toothpaste
    A lightweight blanket that can make a suitable nursing cover and keep a child warm
    A Timer
    A sense of humor
    Fingernail clippers
    Extra nursing pads
    A hair tie
    A comb
    A couple dollars in change (who knows!)
    A sippy cup
    A sense of humor

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list.  However, life can come at you head on or just plain rear-end you.  Be prepared for any eventuality if you can.

But you can't.  It's the truth, and you'll be happier when you accept it.  Eventually you will leave the house and SOMETHING will happen that you don't expect and can't plan for.  You'll end up leaving church to buy your child a while new outfit at Target (a friend of mine actually had to do that) or changing a dirty diaper in a changing room floor using a receiving blanket as a diaper or something else completely crazy.  Children will turn your life upside down, and you can't always prepare for it.  Have a sense of humor and laugh about it in the moment, if you can.  If not, laugh later.  In any case, be flexible and just get on with it.

Rule #8: Have a sense of humor.

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