Sunday, April 1


They say it's good for the soul... so here I go.

1.  I'm really bad about taking my pre/postnatal vitamins.  Partly it's because I hate trying to swallow those huge things.  I am pretty sure it hasn't really harmed my kids, but I think I might pay for it when I get older.

2.  I don't read all the books I check out form the library.

3.  I rarely actually get my Christmas Cards out.  Actually, maybe once.  Ever.  I always intend to do them, but don't.

4.  I go to Starbucks to use the wi-fi, but I really don't like their coffee.

5.  I frequently unfriend people on Facebook.  I do not feel guilt about this. You can try to shame me if you like, but it won't work.

6.  My kids watch too much television. I'm not sure how I would ever clean, shower, or make dinner if they didn't. Thank goodness for Spring (when it's not yet 100 degrees outside) and I can throw them outdoors to play.

7.  Every time I put pink on my daughters I cringe.

8.  When I bake cookies, I eat most of them.  That's why I don't bake cookies much.

9.  I feel guilty sometimes about not using cloth diapers.  I think it would save us a lot of money, but the idea both intimidates me and disgusts me.  I am trying not to feel guilty, though.

10.  I'm not quite sure what hotlinking is, but apparently I've done it.

11.  I am kind of gullible.  I tend to believe the best of people until I am smacked in the face with some reason not to.  I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

12.  I almost never have my own picture taken. I'm thinking of writing a post about this one.

13.  I am frequently afraid that my friends all agree that my children are the worst behaved kids they know.

14.  I stay up way too late at night.

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Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux said...

Thanks, Chara--I like this! It makes me feel a lot better, too.