Wednesday, September 7

Wake Up Wednesday

It's Wednesday again.  Last week's challenge was to spread good, uplifting messages, and while I didn't do that on my blog, I tried to do it among friends.  It's hard enough being a young mother without all the negativity, so I made an effort not to say anything discouraging this week to anyone.  It was more than a little hard a few times with my children (yes, I can get frustrated) but I think I did a fairly decent job of trying to only say positive things.

This week's challenge is to pick up trash whenever you see it.  Not the easiest idea, but let me tell you why this one is important.  We went into the library around noon today and Jonah noticed that there was trash on the ground all around the can outside the library.  He noticed.  He pointed it out.  I would have had him help me pick it up, but the can was already very full.  Jonah told me, "You shouldn't throw your trash on the ground.  That's nasty!"

Oh, how I want to have my children understand that it's a kindness to others to do small things! I want him to think of these things himself, so I know that we need to start doing these kind of things together.  I don't know when or where we will be able to do this (maybe the park?) but I'm hoping that Jonah will get more out of this than just picking up garbage.

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Anonymous said...

Well, that is a start. I have been trying to show kindness myself. It can be holding open a door for someone else & even clearing off a table at a fast food place, when an unknown leaves their mess. You have made me think about it. Thanx
Nana Carole