Wednesday, August 31

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week I confessed that there was something that I hadn't done and I told everyone who reads this blog that I feel like a child.  Over the last week I have realized why I still feel like a child, and I'm making an effort to be the adult that I know I am.

Like this morning, when I took Caroline to the doctor.  How is that related?  Well, that's the thing I hadn't done.  It's been since February that she has seen a doctor.  That means she is way behind on her vaccinations, and she's supposed to start Sonshine School in two weeks.  That's no good because she's going to be surrounded by other kids and other kids germs and their sibling's germs... so I sucked it up and called the new doctor's office.

That was actually part of the problem- we had to get a new doctor.  Our Insurance changed for the 2nd year in a row and our pediatrician no longer took our insurance.  I was overwhelmed, embarrassed, and really worn out.  So I just let it go.

No one got really sick in the mean time, so it didn't seem like a pressing issue.  And I let it go.

I was worried that the doctor, or nurses would give us a hard time for the lapse in care.  I thought up a short speech to use in case I needed to tell them to mind their own business.  I reminded myself that I am an adult and I am responsible for the time lapse, but I don't have to take a lecture.

You know what?  They weren't that worried about it.  She should be completely caught up on her shots by 18 months (that's only 3 months from now) and The doctor was great.  Very friendly and laid back.  It was nice to find a doctor that I feel like will listen to me and trust my instincts.

So what's on the calendar for the week?  If you pop over to I am Momma you can see her whole post- including the super-cute video that she had made of her boys.  Here's the short version:

Anyhow, this week's challenge is to spread good, uplifting messages.  Let me clarify.  
Have you ever read something or seen something that really meant a lot to you and you wanted to share it with others?  Maybe it was a quote or a book or a movie. 

I'll be working on a post for that.  


Anonymous said...

I've thought about this quite a bit lately. As a Nana, there is a great deal that even I do not do & should. After dreading cleaning our bedroom I found the cords to my camera & cell phone buried in there. I was going to try & buy new ones! I am not a kid anymore. Do I act like an adult? Not all the time. I believe that we are constantly growing. Yes, even when we are a Nana. We are now cleaning the garage. I have found cards & photos from the boys, it was just a shame I acted like I did not care anymore about these. I can not keep everything though. It will get better for both of us, I am sure as we travel down the road of life as a Mom & as a Nana.
Nana Carole

Laura said...

It's funny to me that this is the thing you were so embarrassed about. We did the same thing with Louise. We missed an appointment, i think because of the holidays, and by the time I got her in it had been 6 months instead of 3. My doctor didn't mind either, and she was caught up in no time. `:)

Jenny said...

I once skipped going to the dentist for three years. Yeah. :)

Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux said...

Glad I'm not the only one who constructs elaborate explanations in my head! (Anne Lammott, 'Bird by Bird' would make you laugh as well). As far as the dentist goes, I only went last year because of our big move overseas. I hadn't been since I was maybe 14... so 14 years ago.
Thanks for sharing the details--it's inspiring to know when someone else has a small victory with a big impact.