Monday, April 25

1000 Gifts, post #5

83.  My Students- they keep me on my toes and keep me feeling young.
84.  Flylady: Laugh all you want.  She has these great podcasts that you can listen to while you crisis clean, or do your weekly home blessing hour and some of us just need someone to cheer us on!
85.  Spring rains- goodbye pollen, hello green grass!
86.  oxyclean- and hello mud.
87.  Good friends online that listen to me rant and rave and ask the Magical Secret questions... and don't laugh.
88.  Common sense.
89.  Good health
90.  hindsight
91.  air conditioning
92.  books.
93.  My Mother-in-law
94.  Baby giggles
95.  rain
96.  green grass

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