Sunday, August 15

Is this...?

Dragon Seasoning?

Please go back and reread that post because it was quite a long time ago and I wonder if anyone really remembers it.  I didn't.
As a matter of fact I had completely forgotten about that meeting all together.

I am thinking of several of those seasoned tellers that were there- the old ones- the dragons.  They all went through many years of life before they came to be the storytellers that they were.  And each of them were good storytellers with much wisdom and heart.

I keep thinking about the interview I did for Storytelling Magazine.  I have been thinking that (maybe) a lot of what I said was a lie I was telling myself about who I am and what I am doing with my life.  Perhaps I didn't lie when I told Rachel Hedman that these years were to prepare me to have the stories I needed to be able to tell.  Maybe they ARE the seasoning I need.

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