Saturday, March 13

SoCoS, I think

I've been inspired to try a little stream of consciousness exercise by my cousin Kate. I'm pretty sure that Kate has more energy than almost anyone I know. She does this. So her topic today was Yellow. She gave out the topic of Ice Cream, but since that only makes me think about my heartburn I'll be socosing on Spring.

I'm so glad spring is almost here. When I was at Lipscomb they would lay down fresh mulch in the spring and it sort of killed the whole springy-flower smell, thing. Especially since they used the really nasty mulch that smelled like dead fish. Or maybe they laid down the mulch before spring and the flowers just smelled like dead fish. Either way it was gross. There were a whole bunch of ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmornamental pear trees (couldn't think of the word) all over campus. I really wanted to climb up into them and take pictures, but I s pretty sure that security would kick me out. Lipscomb was a long time ago.
But now it's Spring here and the Daffodils haven't bloomed yet, but they will and Josh wants to trim the crepe myrtle trees and I hope they bloom this year. We also have some little white bell-looking flowers that will come up in the front bed eventually. I really need to clean the flower beds out before it gets too late. There are so many leaves in our yard. Josh usually just mows them over with the lawn-mower and lets them sit over winter. Most of them blow away which might be a problem now that we have the fence up. They won't blow out of the yard anymore. I guess we could burn them. stalled stalled stalled stalled I think I'll have to spell check this after I'm done or no one will be able to read it. When I was learning to type we were taught not look at the keys, but I always do/did because I wouldn't be able to type that well if I didn't. Now I'm looking at the screen and thinking that she told us to do that because we could see our mistakes as we go, but who wants to keep backspacing?? Spring. Soon there will be leaves on the trees. I'm looking forward to sitting in the hammock again with a good book and a gentle breeze. We need to have a bunch of people over for a picnic this year. maybe the cousins? I don't know. The yard is a good place for the kids to play if we've put down a tick spread recently. We need to do that soon. I hate ticks.

Times up.

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