Saturday, March 20

SoCoS, again

Snow on the first day of Spring:

It's snowing. They said maybe 12 inches, but I'm thinking we'll maybe get 6. The flakes are big and fat and sometimes flying sideways. It's windy. There are birds all over the front porch where the birdseed fell from the feeder. The Feeder is empty, though. Maybe I'll refill it in a while. Once I'm dressed, that is. Stall stall stall I really want to go to Hobby Lobby to get another skein of yarn to work on a baby blanket for Caroline, but I'm not sure if the roads are okay. I can't see them from the house to know if the snow is sticking to them. I'm thinking that they should be fine but You never know. Stall Stall STall stall stall I think I should have covered the daffodils. I hate that they are all going to be dead. But They were God's daffodil's, not mine, so maybe He will take care of that. Stall Stall Stall Stall I need to plant new Lantana in the planters soon- obviously after the snow melts. It's hard to know when to start planting anything right now. Yesterday I was outside and we had the air conditioning on in the car. and today it seems like it will be a million years before the snow stops falling. I was so looking forward to planting the garden soon. I want tomatoes and green beans and squash and spinich and who knows what else. I love the smell of it and the looks of it. I miss the leaves on the trees. Now I'm just complaining. And wasn't I just saying last night how nice it might be to have the snow wipe out some of the pollen for us? Then again, the pollen is what makes the green things grow.



Anonymous said...

You all have really had a strange weather year in OK. Reminds me of
past winters in CO. & KY. with snow and spring ever arriving. As
some friends told me a long time ago, "this too shall pass." Miss
you all.
Nana Carol

Whitney said...

My Dad said that when we lived in Montgomery (zone 8, south of you), all the old farmers said to plant after Easter. It's a fair guideline, I think. I always want to plant in February but that only works for peas. Have you ever grown fresh peas? They're super easy and oh so good. I'm a terrible gardener and my peas always grow.