Tuesday, June 30

Things that make me happy

1. The Torrential downpour we had this evening. Even though the weather has cooled to the mid-90's this week, it was so nice to have the rain cool us off even more!

2. Tick Spread. My husband is out running around the yard with the spreader right now to get rid of the little pests. It was getting bad. Jonah would point to the grass and say, "Ticks. Bite you!"

3. Cleaning out the vacuum bag. It always amazes me how much better my vacuum works when I've put in a new bag, or cleaned one out a little. It actually picks the rugs up and really sucks the Goldfish crumbs out of them.

4. My new bathing suit. The old one was (not so) affectionately referred to as the ugliest bathing suit on earth. Mostly because it looked like something you might see at the olympics. The new one makes me look like a girl. Yay.

5. Jonah knows his colors. We're still stumbling on white, and (on occasion) purple, but he had a quiz today at my mother's house, and (yes, I'm bragging) he's got them down.

6. The anonymous gift I received in the mail. After raving on my blog, facebook, and twitter about my new favorite book, someone bought it and had it mailed to me. No card.... Whoever you are- THANK YOU!

That's what's making me particularly happy today.


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