Monday, June 1

Choices Choices

Life is barreling along and there are some decisions that have to be made. Some things can't really be undone easily and some can, but this one is one that will be difficult. In a case like this it is important to really think through all of your options. Being risky could cost you big, but being too conservative might make you regret your choice even more.

What am I talking about?

Duh! Paint!

Josh and I are wanting to refinance the house, but before we have to go through another inspection we decided that it would be good to finish the interior as much as possible. That means paint. Lots and lots of paint.

Most of the decisions were easy. Ottertail in the bedroom, Vintage Map in the new bathroom. White on Jonah's ceiling... But the kitchen and living room have been a thorn in my side. I liked a dark blue-gree, and a rust red and maybe even a mustardy yellow. *

But the living room shares a wall with the kitchen and if you're going to choose colors, they have to go together. Otherwise it will look like a paint disaster.

Yesterday I kind of made a choice. What do you think of this color for my kitchen? I've heard that it should make the outdoors come in, and it's a happy color, don't you think? In contrast we'll probably do the living room in a boring beige. Josh says he doesn't want to ever have to redo it so I'm hoping it all works well. Cross your fingers.


stefanie said...

say yes to the green, it makes me happy ;)

we'll be painting within the month too, rusty red and greens are in our list too ...

have fun!

Mindy said...

I totally love the green kitchen! Do it. Whatever you do will look superb, I'm sure. I can't wait to see pictures! Good luck!

Millie said...

I just painted my living room green. I was afraid it would be too much green but I love it.