Saturday, April 25

Hi again!

So, when your mother in law asks your husband if you've given up your blog page, you know it's been way too long since you last posted.

Things that have happened since I last posted.

  1. Told stories in my Aunt's classroom, and scheduled some storytelling with my good friend Matt.
  2. Jonah's haircut, which is growing out now.
  3. Summer weather. It hit 90.
  4. We planted the garden... we will need to replant some stuff but we've got lots of lettuce, tomatoes and broccoli.
  5. We discovered that Jonah likes corn on the cob. Praise God, it's a vegetable!
  6. I got hired to teach preschool this summer, which should be good, financially.
  7. Ummm... That's it.
I'll try to do a better post tomorrow, but Jonah's asleep right now, so I'm trying to get a few things done. Wish me luck.


Mindy Mehaffey said...

Way to go on the story telling! I'm really proud of you for scheduling "gigs" and following through. Good job, Chara. :)

I need to see Jonah eat some corn on the cob. Please can you put up a video?

Preschool teacher for the summer, huh? You'll be awesome at that. And extra dough is always nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chara-
I didn't mean to make you feel
guilty on posting. I just really
did miss you! I know how very busy
everything can get with Life. :)
Hug Jonah for me.
Nana Carol

Chara said...

HA! I was not, in the least, shamed by your comment. Your comment was (by far) the nicest... several people have asked me if I'm going to post again. Sometimes I just go through dry spots.