Thursday, March 5

Zoo Friends

Christa, Tara and Laura, with Ava, Haydn and Louise.

My sisters have been visiting with their sweet girls and we have been rather busy... see, I do have a good excuse for not having posted!

Yesterday we went to the zoo- and what an adventure!

We left at 1:25 and were running late, but it wasn't a big deal since we were meeting our cousins Audrey and Amanda, and they didn't mind. We were about a mile away when something happened in my car. Louise Puked. Then Jonah puked. Good times.

We went home while everyone else ate lunch at the zoo. After a quick bath and a change of clothes (good thing Louise is the same size as Jonah) we went back. After that it was pretty much good times. We saw tigers and bears and fish and deer and turkeys and giraffes and monkeys.
(Compliments Audrey Dodgen)

Haydn, Enjoying the bamboo forrest.

Ava and Audrey enjoying the monkeys.

Laura and Louise checking out the pygmy hippo.

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Mindy Mehaffey said...

Chara, that picture of you and Jonah makes my heart melt! Please, please, please frame it!!

I'm glad you're having fun with your sisters. The zoo looks great. :)