Monday, March 16

New and Old

So, I've changed the layout on my blog, yet again. I liked the picture of my little house, especially since the daffodils are blooming and the cicadas are returning (their chanting is slowly growing louder as the nights are warming), but there has been slow return to focus in my life. For a long time my focus has been my little Monkey, and anything new I was trying. A few times I sat back and contemplated a change in the name of my blog since it is somewhat misleading about the content.

However, I realized that changing the name wasn't really what was needed. This blog is a chronicle of my journey as a storyteller. It is the story of my journey, and as in any journey there are times when we take detours and meander down side paths that lead to nice places, but not our ultimate destinations.

Do not misunderstand my confusing metaphors... My home, husband and child are more than distractions to me... it's just that I have felt my development as a storyteller grind to a halt and slowly cease all together. My hope is that I can find a little more focus for that area of my life.

To be honest, I dislike the picture in the header that I am using at the moment. It's from the Story Tsunami Concert in Jonesboro from several years ago. It's out of date and not very flattering, but I was focused, then, on a craft that I want to be focused on again.

If anyone is looking for a storyteller in the Oklahoma City area, let me know... I'm looking to dust off a few tales.



Mindy Mehaffey said...

Good for you, Chara. I completely understand what you mean about getting back in focus about what you're passionate about (besides being an incredible wife and mother). I'm proud of you for that, and can't wait to see where on your journey you take me next. :)

t sanders said...

You only achieve the goals you set before yourself. Putting them in front of you is the first step in going towards them. I believe in you, Chara. I always have.