Sunday, November 16

Finally Fall

Jonah had some fun in the leaves the other day. He though tit was really funny when his Nana and I buried him in the leaves.


It seems like every time I tried to get it on video he would stop. He's really doing quite well.



Mindy Mehaffey said...

Yahoo!! Videos of Jonah always make my day! :) He's walking sooo well. I miss you guys terribly. I hope your fall is coming along nicely!

Mindy Mehaffey said...

PS. Just wanted to let you know that you wrote "tit" up there. Hahahaha. "though tit" actually. Just FYI. You can correct and delete this comment, now. :D

Shirley said...

Jonah sure gives a person a reason to smile. That video made my day.

Kelly Edwards said...

Look how quickly he picked up the walking thing! Too smart!