Monday, September 22

Tricks and Chicken Pox?

These are pictures of Jonah's chicken pox. Or at least I think they're chicken pox. He hasn't itched much at all and now the spots are starting to fade- not scab over. Also, he hasn't been running a fever for two days now. If anyone recognizes these as anything else, please let me know.

Sorry the pictures are so bad- Jonah wouldn't hold still. I only got a few decent shots even when I tried to use the sports mode. Oh well.

This is Jonah's new trick. Very clever, my little Monkey!

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Mindy Mehaffey said...

He really is a monkey! And I'm totally loving his long hair. Too bad about the mystery pox. At least he's not too miserable. That would make me sadder. Instead, he's just adorable as always. :)