Friday, September 5

So I've been a little lax on the creative endeavors, until today. This is actually a little lame and I'm sort of forcing myself to post this. I've been looking at patterns online for handmade dish scrubbers lately. I've only got a couple of sponges at the moment and they don't scrub well, and who wants to pay $4 for a sponge with a rough side? So I crocheted my own scrubber out of cotton yarn and plastic grocery sacks. The actual crocheting was a little rough, and the sacks were a little harder to work with than I had thought they would be, but it's dish scrubber... it doesn't have to be perfect. The best part is that the grocery sacks aren't going to scratch the teflon and the cotton part will hold water and soap if I need it.

Here's Josh and Jonah playing. Josh has been assembling kitchen cabinets. This is the sink component without the top on. We haven't hooked up the plumbing yet, so it's sitting in the back of my kitchen storing things I don't want Jonah to get into right now.


preacherman said...

I think this post is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this video with us as well. I hope you have a wonderful week. I want you to know you are my thoughts and prayrs. God has great things in store for you.

Whitney said...

That's so pretty! It looks like lace. My dishcloths are all hemmed squares of terrycloth that I had lying around, because I also didn't want to keep buying sponges. It's just not a fun way to spend money. =P

mindy mehaffey said...

I can't believe how creative (and frugile) you are. I'm always impressed.

I love the video. Reminds me of Brad and Chester playing together. :D

I can't believe he's crawling so quickly and pulling himself up! He's a machine!

I'm really loving your house (what I can see of it). That art on the wall looks perfect, and the lights hanging down are wonderful. You're going to love it when your cabinets are all together.