Friday, September 19


We were at the mall playing on the big squishy playground. Jonah can fall on his head and I don't worry about it. It's a great place to be. There were several other kids there- most of them were a lot older than Jonah and therefore ignored him. Jonah didn't care.

A grandma and grandpa brought their Little Sweetums into the playground. He stood and watched all the kids for a minute and then he went directly to the giant baseball glove where my child was crawling and decided to sit right in front of Jonah. No matter where Jonah went, Little Sweetums was there trying to stop him. I was patient. Surely grammy and Grampy would tell him to act nice to the small child who can't even walk??

Maybe they had really bad eyesight?

I was helping Jonah into the big squishy boat and Little Sweetums reached over to shove Jonah. I gave him the stink eye. "Don't." I hissed. He backed off. For the moment.

I sat down and Jonah kept playing. Little Sweetums shoved my child off the Frog. Grammy and Grampy said nothing. NOthing.

Did I missed that they were blind?

I got the last laugh. Jonah has Chicken Pox.


BYRSTN said...

Oh Chara, that is priceless. You go, Jonah!!!

Mindy Mehaffey said...

You crack me up!