Thursday, September 25

Birthday Eve

I'm up baking a cake for my birthday- pathetic? Maybe, but I really like cake.

This time last year I was still pregnant, looking forward to the birth of my child, and looking forward to my maternity leave. Last summer was so peaceful and happy for me. Not that this year is not peaceful or happy- it's just very very different. The picture above is awfully out of focus, but it's a lot more like my memories of last summer than anything else. Me in a hammock, huge and happy. Oblivious to the changes- or maybe not caring so much because I was enjoying the moment as I should have been.

My Mom was 32 for two or three years- not because she was ashamed of her age, but because she genuinely forgot how old she was. I always thought that was SO bizarre, but now I understand it. I don't feel 29, so it's hard to remember that that's how old I am. Years are passing so quickly and I don't feel like it's been as long as all that. I'm measuring them in the gifts I've been given- which is not to say that I've been given very few gifts- quite the contrary.
I feel like the time that has passed has blessed me in so many ways.

And even the storms- I've even been blessed by the storms.


Mindy Mehaffey said...

You are wonderful.

t sanders said...

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to a great Mom.
And we know you can weather the
storms in life Together. Today it
is three of you. God Bless. :)
Nana Carol