Saturday, August 9

...and all is well.

It's seven thirty and my child is asleep. It's no wonder since he only took one good nap today, ran errands with Mom and decided to stay up pretty late last night. It's great because I can get some stuff done, however, I am hesitant to make a lot of noise. I was doing the dishes when Josh brought him in. They will sit- silently- soaped but not rinsed until tomorrow.

So what to do? Hmmm... why not post on my blog? Here's a little eye candy:
My boys were still sleeping this morning when I got up. Jonah had joined us around 7:00 and I coudn't go back to sleep, so I let Josh and Jonah snooze while I got myself ready for the day.

Jonah and I got ready and then played around on the bed until my laundry was done. Yes- that is a bruise on his cheek. My rough-and-tumble 9-month-old has started trying to climb up on top of things (the coffee table, the bathtub, his little chair...) and he managed to have a rough tumble the other day.

In other news, our dog has gone missing. She rarely ventures near the road, so we think someone might have picked her up. I don't want to think about other possibilities. I'm still hoping that she will show up again tonight. Our neighbor (she runs a dog rescue) suggested that we grill some bacon or meat or something on the grill, and if she's around she'll come back. I'll let you know how it goes.

Also, this promises to be an interesting week. Thursday my parents will fly in, Friday my twin will fly in, and Saturday my Uncle Richard will get married. We are terribly excited for Richard and Angie!!

Okay- one more piece of eye candy!

What's better than a happy boy?

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Mindy Mehaffey said...

I can't describe how much I appreciate the eye candy!! Jonah is getting handsomer and handsomer. :)

Does Josh sleep with his glasses on??

Have you found your dog?? That's a tragedy! I'm panicking a little more than you seem to be. However, I didn't even know you had a dog. Apparently, I need more details about this pup. Or, perhaps, I simply need to keep catching up on the blog. :)