Wednesday, November 14

Big beds, French's mustard and the power of Oxyclean

Last night my tiny little baby slept in his crib. The crib is huge, comparatively. But he took it well. No more sleeping at the end of Mommy and Daddy's bed so that every whimper and strange gurgle wakes them up and throws them to the end of their bed to peek into the bassinet. Now they listen silently to the monitor (turned up WAY to loud) for some sign that Jonah is in need of something- anything- or that he might cry. Three and a half weeks is still very small, though he is plumping up quite a bit.

It's amazing that someone so small can poop so much. The really amazing thing is that all of Jonah's poop looks exactly like French's mustard- you know, the squat little bottle with the red flag on it? Also unsurprisingly, it is pretty difficult to get the stuff out. Shout is no match for my baby's poop. But it's amazing how Jonah can surprise me even now.

This morning I was trying to change his diaper and in the three seconds between the time that I slipped his old diaper out from under him and the new one back under him he pooped all over the changing table. Yellow mustard everywhere. So I took off the cover and tried to cover him up (to prevent a fountain) while I got the nasty cover into the dirty clothes. Then I took his onesie off of him- the back looked like he had been slathered in mustard.

As soon as I got the onesie into the laundry bag I found myself watching as he peed on a small stuffed dog that has been perched on the edge of his changing table for a week or more now, without any other incidents. Appropriately he was peeing right on it's crotch. I was so (shocked? appalled? defeated?) that I waited until he was done and then cleaned up, and put the last disposable diaper on him.

Laura made a bunch of cloth diapers that she is lending s for the time being. We've been using the many disposables that we were given, or the preemie diapers that we had to buy because the cloth ones were still too big. But here we are approaching the end of those excuses and about to embark on the interesting trip of cloth. So how am I going to ever get all the mustard out of Laura's beautiful cloth diapers?

That's what I was wondering. I ran the one that we had used through the wash twice to get the poop out and I was thinking that it was not possible for me to wash everything twice. And then I remembered what a friend once told us long before we even thought about kids.
"Oxyclean will clean everything- make it your friend when you have children because you'll need it." and so I have.

In the words of a beautiful musical "It got the mustard out!"


Laura and John said...

hey, the sun will bleach out poo stains, too. if it comes out of the wash with a stain, just lay it in the sun for a few hours - i swear it works.

Chara said...

Well, that sounds much cheaper than the oxyclean. If it ever stops raining here I'll have to try it.