Tuesday, July 24

7 months

I'm finding it hard to believe that I am actually a full 7 months along at this point. We've been going to childbirth classes and I've been steadily getting bigger and bigger, but it still seems like I haven't been pregnant very long.
I could complain about how hard it can be to sleep at night, or how stretched out my stomach feels or the heartburn (oh the heartburn!!!), but the truth is, I actually feel more beautiful than I think I've let myself feel in a long time. Does that sound weird?
As Josh can attest I am frequently heard saying that I feel huge, but in truth it's more like I feel like "I swallowed a watermelon whole" rather than "I feel fat" cause I don't. I feel like I look good. Like I am healthier and happier than I've been in a long while.
When I was working at home I always felt like I had a bit of the blues (lets face it, I love NSN, but the job became a daily torture by the time I finally got to leave), but now that I'm tired and I have weird physical symptoms, I feel great. I'm looking forward to the future, even though it is as uncertain as it has ever been. I have a job, for the upcoming year and a house and a wonderful husband who could not be more caring or attentive... I know I had these things before, but I am enjoying and appreciating them more than I thought was possible.

I had Josh take this picture on Sunday. I'm wearing a dress my fabulous sister-in-law sent me from Korea. Heena has impeccable taste and I regret that we live so far away because I think that we could be close friends if we had the opportunity to live closer. Just another hting to appreciate in my life.


Brandee said...

You do look beautiful! And you look alot like your beautiful mother in this picture. Enjoy every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

You are right about Heena. And
the dress fits good and you look
happy and have that "glow." Keep
cool and enjoy the Summer. :)