Friday, April 6

End of a tiring week

Well, Josh and I have had a whirlwind week. Our offer on the house we wanted was rejected- though the whole situation seems a bit squirrely- so we're back to driving around town looking at houses. So far I've not found anything too intriguing online this morning.

I have the day off- Good Friday! Thanks goodness because the kids have gotten very restless and needy. WE have TCAP testing on Monday so I'm thinking I may actually get some stuff done at my desk while they are testing.

I got my PRAXIS scores back yesterday- I actually passed all three tests I took, even the reading test that I was sure I'd failed. I actually did quite well on it. That means I have one test left and one year of teaching left before I'm fully certified. No classes needed as long as I pass my last test. It's been a nice week.

Last weekend when we were in Oklahoma Josh and I waled around the Lazy J a bit. After we've spent so much time looking for a house I realized that Granny and Papa's house is really close to everything Josh and I have been looking for- lots of open space and potential. It's always felt that way.

We dug up a little mint from my Granny's rosebed by the back door. I was sure it would die before we could get it home, but mint is very hardy and it has perked up significantly. Maybe by the time we find a house I can plant it in the beds and maybe it will spread.


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