Friday, September 29

A really nice day... once it got going.

This day started off a little rough: I pulled the blinds down- again- in the office (wow, I'll be glad when we live in our own house!) and there was a bit of frustration with work, but it was relatively calm for a pre-festival atmosphere. I leave on Tuesday morning and I'm hoping to document the entire trip with Josh's camera to show you all later. I've got everything mostly worked out, but there are a few things at work that still leave me in a quandry. Grrr...

However, things picked up after I knocked off work... I got a call this afternoon with some good news that I had been waiting on (more about this some other time) and Josh called to make plans to take me to see RobinElla sing at the Frist tonight. She was wonderful and even though I hate crowds- and frequently live music- I really enjoyed myself. To top it off, they had a drawing and Josh won free two free round-trip tickets on Southwestern Airlines- anywhere in the country. We're thinking Alaska or Hood River OR.

Josh picked me the rose (off a bush as we were walking back to the car) in the picture above and we went to a late dinner. It was tasty.

It was a nice day.


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